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Neolithic and Chalcolithic Cyprus Project (NCCP)


The employment of a series of analytical methods, including isotope analyses on human bones and chemical analyses on pottery, and the application of several theoretical schemes stemming from recent advances in social theory are expected to enrich our current state of knowledge on a number of subjects. New data concerning human diet, palaeopathology, mobility patterns, technological expertise and socio-economic organisation will be provided. The human bones from Sotira and Kantou that will be analysed during the project, represent almost the total assemblage excavated in all contemporaneous sites of the Ceramic Neolithic period. In addition, data from organic residue analysis of Neolithic-Chalcolithic Cypriot vessels are totally lacking.

The innovative character of NCCP is further complemented by the analysis of spatial organisation and the use of space on the site level. The application of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) will allow the managing of large amounts of quantitative and qualitative data, in order to more effectively process the emerging distribution patterns of spatial features and different categories of material culture. Multi-layering will further allow for selective visualisation, according to specific questions.