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Neolithic and Chalcolithic Cyprus Project (NCCP)

Department of History and Archaeology Neolithic and Chalcolithic Cyprus Project (NCCP)

The Neolithic-Chalcolithic Cyprus Project (NCCP) is an interdisciplinary research program hosted by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Department of History and Archaeology, Faculty of Arts and Humanities). Its main goal is to provide innovative insights into the daily life of Neolithic and Chalcolithic Cypriot communities (ca. 5200/5000–3000/2800 BC). In order to achieve this, the research team re-examines the assemblages of selected case study sites (e.g. Ceramic Neolithic Sotira Teppes and Kantou Kouphovounos, and Chalcolithic Erimi Pamboula). The available spatial information (architectural ground plans and artifact distribution) will be digitised and analysed using GIS software, while analytical techniques will be applied in the study of archaeological materials. The latter include organic residue analyses on pottery, as well as isotope analyses on human bones. The NCCP aims to enhance our understanding of Neolithic/Chalcolithic lifeways on the island of Cyprus, as well as to underline those components possibly associated with socio-cultural change and related to the short- and long-term socio-economic responses to it.