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Neolithic and Chalcolithic Cyprus Project (NCCP)


The NCCP seeks to approach the issue of socio-cultural development within Cypriot Neolithic and Chalcolithic communities via the investigation of daily life and habitual practices. The project addresses the concept of household and its socioeconomic organisation, as well as its interplay with the community. The spatiotemporal context of the project covers primarily the Ceramic Neolithic (ca. 5200/5000-4000/3900 BC) and Early-Middle Chalcolithic periods (ca. 4000/3900-3000/2800 BC) of the Limassol district. This time-span also includes the so-called chronological “gaps” of Cypriot Prehistory (i.e. the periods between ca. 5400-4750 BC and ca. 4000-3500 BC).