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Neolithic and Chalcolithic Cyprus Project (NCCP)


The NCCP comprises seven members focusing on different areas of expertise. Dr Ioannis Voskos (archaeologist) is the Principal Investigator of the NCCP. He takes part in different work packages and supervises all stages of the project. Dr Efrossini Vika (osteoarchaeologist) examines aspects of palaeopathology and human diet via macroscopic analysis of human bones, as well as of steady isotope and strontium analyses on sampled material. Dr Maria Roumpou (archaeologist) conducts organic residue analyses on Neolithic-Chalcolithic pottery aiming to shed light on issues of pottery production/consumption and technology, as well as on cooking practices and human diet. Dr Dimitris Kloukinas (archaeologist), Tassos Georgotas (archaeologist, MA, MSc) and Tania Marda Stypsianou (architect, Msc, MA) are investigating Neolithic-Chalcolithic architecture, building technology and the use of space. Their work involves the re-examination of published evidence, the digitisation of settlement ground plans, the analysis of feature and artefact distribution via GIS, and the interpretation of spatial patterns. Prof. Eleni Mantzourani (archaeologist) is a knowledgeable researcher of Cypriot Prehistory. Her role in the project is primarily advisory and she participates in different work packages of the NCCP.